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Matt Collins –

A Team Manager manages the team and is the liaison between the coaching staff and parents.


  1. Help coaches with phone calls/emails for specific events. (Distribution of game and practice schedules, changes to schedules or location etc. Distribute Field Maps and directions if necessary). All of this information will be available on our website soon and will be able to be updated by YOU on the new Team Management System, so we can minimize the paper trail and streamline your communication.
  2. Throughout the season, parents are required to help out when needed. You will need to coordinate your team “volunteers”. Some examples of volunteer duties are:
    1. Field Setup at the beginning of the season, Field tear-down at the end of the season.
    2. Field Lining throughout the season, a schedule by team is distributed (and will be located on the new website soon) at the beginning of the year)
    3. Jamboree Duty- Help with setup or tear-down, parking lot duty etc. This is typically just for the teams that participate in the jamboree.
  3. Manage the distribution of Uniforms and any gear ordered through the website to players.
  4. Keep current parent contact information (email addresses, phone numbers etc.).Which will be managed on the new website soon.
  5. Coordinate end of year party, and if applicable a coaches gift.
  6. Administer the team’s website page
    1. Post scores, goals, assists, saves for season end stats.
    2. Get creative, maybe you want to mention a “great play” or tremendous save, announce a player’s birthday or post a team picture.


Rosa Avery is our Club Gear Coordinator, her link is She handles uniforms for the team, equipment for coaches and manages the Club Gear Store on the Westfield United Website.

Team uniforms are ordered every two years. Each player receives 1 red jersey, 1 white alternate t-shirt (used when opposing team is also red), 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of socks. If a player is new to the league they will get a new uniform regardless of when they join. Existing players will receive a new uniform every two years.


The North Middle School and Woronoco Fields need to be lined weekly during season play. The machine and paint are located in a shed at Woronoco, and in the container at North Middle (your coach should have a key)

The lining “machine” is a cart that holds an inverted paint can. Just squeeze the handle trigger to apply paint. while walking over the existing lines of the field. Most parents schedule themselves to during their child’s practice.. Wear old shoes, you may get white paint on them and it is tough to get off. After all the lines are painted, return the cart to the shed, throw away the empty paint can(s), relock the shed door and return the keys to your coach.

We ask that you try to line the fields at the end of the week if possible since that is when the majority of games are played and good visible lines are imperative! It takes under 1 hour to line the fields at each location, two people working always speeds up the process.


Westfield United holds its seasonal Jamboree in lieu of playoffs at the end of the season. It is for U-9 and U-10 players. It is held at North Middle School and is a major fundraiser for our club. It is held the last weekend of the spring and fall seasons. Dates and times will be listed on the website. All teams play three games that are 20 minutes in length. Everyone gets a medal; there are no other prizes. Club patches are exchanged.

Volunteers are needed to set up goals, as there are several fields of play for the weekend. Tent set up, food concession, field lining, parking assistance, water, and break down after tournament is over. Is has been suggested that we you assign tasks at the beginning of the year to each parent. This sets the expectation and allows them time to switch tasks with another parent if they are unable to do their assigned task.


There are various tournaments throughout the season; you can find the links under the tab “tournaments” on our website. Typically, the coaches will research tournament options but some newer teams might benefit from you doing some research to see if the team wants to participate in one or not. The Club covers the cost for one tournament per season. Reimbursement requests through your coach. Be aware that there may be additional liability waivers that must be signed before entering a tournament. Questions should be directed to your coach or club president.


This is up to you and your coach to decide how it should be handled. Some coaches send their own e-mails with updates etc. But this year we will have our website up and active and you will have the ability to communicate to your team through the Team Management System. You can decide what works best for you.


Is to make sure that things run smoothly between you, the parents, coaching staff and club officers. The most important thing is to have fun, get the right information in a timely manner and bring issues to the people who can handle and address your concerns.

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