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Do Under 8 & Under 9 & Under 10 Tryout?
First, we do not hold tryouts for these age groups.  We will run a skills assessment (similar to baseball, basketball and Westfield Youth Soccer) to split the teams.  The goal here is to provide every player who is looking to develop the opportunity to participate.  We look to make as many teams as possible in these age groups.  There are, however, roster minimums (10) and roster maximums (15) set by PVJSL for the U8-U10 age groups.  So, to ensure we can form as many teams as possible, we often combine age groups.  This is a standard practice for all clubs operating in PVJSL.  For example, if we have 18 U9s and 9 U8s come to evaluations, 3 U9s and all 9 of the U8s would need to be turned away if we did not combine age groups.  By combining the U8s and U9s, we would create two teams and turn away no one:  14 true U9s and 13 combination U8s and U9s.  In the event we need to combine teams, the skills evaluation will be used to place players.  Unfortunately, it is possible that combining teams is not enough to ensure the viability of a team and U8-U10 players will be turned away.  In this case, the skills evaluation will be used to place players. If your son is a U8 and is invited to play with a U9 team, then the registration fee will be $135, not $50.

Is my child too young to Considering Travel Soccer?
The answer is no. The best time to consider Westfield United is when your child is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade (our U8, U9, and U10 age groups) or if your child is a very strong Kindergarten-aged athlete.

Again, the goal here is to provide every player who is looking to develop the opportunity to participate.

My Child has only played Soccer for…
We hear this often!  It doesn’t matter how long or if your child has played soccer.  We teach soccer and soccer skills.  Desire to play and have fun is what your child needs.

As mentioned above, our U8-U10 teams are developmental where your child, whether having played 1 year or from birth, gets lots of time on the field to apply the skills they are learning in practice.

My Child Plays Another Sport
All our players are involved in extracurricular activities: whether it be another sport, band, theatre, etc.  Reality is, virtually every player in our club is multi-talented!

On every team we have we have baseball, basketball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, dancers, gymnasts, skiers, swimmers, etc. It is expected and in many cases encouraged.

Our players are also highly involved in theatre, band, shows, church, art, etc.  Because our coaches are Westfield parents we understand the value and encourage extracurricular activities as they lead to well-rounded children.

How Competitive are the Upper Age Tryouts
The U11 through U14 tryouts are tryouts. Our rosters are limited to 18 players maximum.  Most coaches take 16.

What Happens If My Child Makes the Team and I’ve Signed Up for Westfield Youth:
If a child makes a WUSC Team (Spring or Fall) and wishes to only play for WUSC, the players family must seek a refund from Westfield Youth Soccer directly, the refund will not be forwarded to WUSC, like in the past, but to the players parents directly.  The deadline to request a refund from Westfield Youth Soccer is 6/30.

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